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No. of panels: *3; *5 – *see description
Panel width: *21.5; *36 inches – *see description
Panel height: 68 inches
Design height: 54 inches

Availability: Usually Ships in 4 to 6 Weeks
Product Code: CH-020-BL1

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how to use collingwood

Repeat Panels 5 to 1

Collingwood has been designed so that panel 5 will match to panel 1 to repeat around a room. Each 5 panel repeat covers 12.33 linear feet.

Repeat Panels 4 to 2

Collingwood has also been designed so that panel 4 will match to panel 2 to repeat around a room. Each 3 panel repeat covers 9 linear feet.

Collingwood Mural

Design Details

is a Chinoiserie mural. This mural wallpaper features a powdery blue background and pastel spring-themed colors with peony flowers and fantastic birds. Furthermore, this selection is comprised of 5 mural panels. Whether you are decorating a bedroom or looking for a unique design for office space, this selection, as all The Mural Source products, is an excellent choice for your next interior design project.

How to Use This Mural
• This mural consists of 5 panels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
• You may use all 5 as a standalone mural
• OR use panels 1-5, then repeat the mural from panel 5 to 1. This joint (5 to 1) is seamless. Panels 1 and 5 are narrower (21.5") than panels 2, 3 and 4 (36")
• OR, eliminate panels 1 and 5 and use only panels 2, 3, 4 (panel 4 also joins seamlessly to panel 2) to repeat the pattern around a room.

• The 5 panels span 151" in width. The center 3 panels measure 36" wide by 68" tall. Design height: 54".
• The outer 2 panels are 21.5" wide.

Materials (please indicate material in dropdown menu when ordering, if the option is present.)
• Nonwoven wallpaper (Matte) This is our standard material for this mural.
• Type II Vinyl - Smooth (Matte)
• Type II Vinyl - Subtly Textured (Matte).