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Type II Murals for Residential and Commercial Applications

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Traditional Silver Chinoiserie Wallpaper Enchanted Garden Silver

Chinoiserie mural charms with colorful birds, colorful blooming trees and tropical plants on stunning silver ground.

Modern Ultraviolet Chinoiserie Wallpaper Chanteur Ultraviolet

Chinoiserie with Pantone Ultraviolet color of the year, charms with monochromatic birds, blooming trees and on stunning sparkling ground.

Rio Tropical Mural Wallpaper Rio Silver

Modern Banana leaf pattern on silver metallic wallpaper.

Alcedines Silver Wallpaper Alcedines Silver

Alcedines Silver is a mural of the waters edge with colorful birds, swimming koi and hanging willow branches.

Ink Brush Chinoiserie Wallpaper Bamboo Forest Beige

Chinoiserie mural of tall misty bamboo trees, with lively song birds on a textured Type II Wallcovering.

Ink Brush Chinoiserie Metallic Wallpaper Bamboo Forest Ultraviolet

Chinoiserie mural of tall misty bamboo trees, with lively song birds on a metallic Type II Wallcovering.

Speckled Metallic Chinoiserie Wallpaper Carolina Silver Speckle

Chinoiserie mural delights with white blooming trees and golden bird on a speckled metallic Type II Wallcovering.

Modern Blue Chinoiserie Wallpaper Chanteur Silver

Modern Chinoiserie mural charms with a subtly textured ground that sparkles under angled lighting.

Modern Equestrian Wallpaper Equus Silver

Equus Silver is a unique piece in a modern chalk-and-charcoal style depicting a field of horses at rest and at play.

Grasses Gold Wallpaper Grasses Gold

Grasses Gold is a design utilizing the masterful watercolor technique to create a wistful scene on a gold metallic Type II Wallcovering.

Hedgerow Copper Wallpaper Hedgerow Copper

Hedgerow is a modern mural, depicting a stylized hedgerow with lively leaves.

High Grove Steel Wallpaper High Grove Steel

High Grove Antiqued Chinoiserie mural is a scene with detailed pheasants and flying birds in a grove of white-barked Aspen trees.

Maysong Black Lacquer Chinoiserie Wallpaper Maysong Black Lacquer

Maysong Black Lacquer is a modern twist to chinoiserie with warm beige and cream colored pheasants and peonies on a faux black lacquer background.

Gold Metallic Chinoiserie Wallpaper Nanjing Gold

Chinoiserie mural is a golden scene with pastel peonies and colorful birds gathered around a peaceful pond.

Gold Metallic Chinoiserie Wallpaper Palazzo Gold

This chinoiserie mural is a golden scene with pastel peonies and colorful birds gathered around a peaceful pond.

Paradiso Silver Panoramic Wallpaper Paradiso Silver

Paradiso Silver mural is a romantic tropical landscape with dense jungle growth in subtle grey tones.

Gold Metallic Chinoiserie Wallpaper Quiet Forest Gold

This chinoiserie mural is a golden scene of pines and broad leaf trees painted in the style of a Japanese screen.

Modern Blue Chinoiserie Wallpaper Solitude Silver

The Solitude Silver chinoiserie mural is perfect for a subtle statement in a bedroom or powder room.

Tremezzo Steel Panoramic Wallpaper Tremezzo Steel

Our Tremezzo Steel mural wallpaper features a beautiful Italian landscape with a classical architectural and waterside motif.

Trevarez Toille Gold Wallpaper Trevarez Toille Gold

Trevarez Toille Gold is a Chinoiserie mural designed with stately palm trees in a tropical forest rendered in line work on a gold ground.

English Parks Sepia Mural English Parks Sepia

Scenic Panoramic of classical English luxury gardens filled with monuments, fountains, temples and statues on textured "grasscloth" vinyl.