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Create a Classic Paneled Room

This beautiful collection of Panels (Fr. 'Panneaux') provide todays interiors with the most beautiful and sophisticated applications available. Some are thoroughly researched historic reproductions while others are innovative creations by exceptionally talented artists.

The most thoughtful and appropriate coloring and sizes are offered in these collections. However, custom design and coloring is available. There is a minimum order and design cost requirement of $175 for basic size or color adjustments, with more complex custom design services beginning at $1500, in addition to the product cost. All custom designs require a custom sample fee of $25.

How To Use

Start by measuring the height of the walls to be covered with paper, shown here in green, then measure the full horizontal length of each wall receiving paper, moving clockwise around the room. If you have doors, windows, inset shelving, etc., be sure to measure the distance to the outside areas above and below.

After you choose your design, divide the width of each wall by the width of the panels you would like to use. Then, place the panel you've chosen as a focal point in the center of each wall, then work outward. As most of our Panneaux Collection designs are comprised of panels with varying widths, we offer a tailoring service for $175. We will create an elevation drawing using your measurements, similar to the photo you see here, and provide our suggested layout for the space.

Design shown: 'Wilbury Park'

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