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These wallcoverings have a total height of approximately, or exactly, 9 feet and are suitable for rooms up to 9 feet tall with floor or crown moldings.
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Chanteur Antiqued Chanteur Antiqued

Blue chinoiserie mural with heavy antique effect featuring spring blossoms and birds.

Palace Garden Blue Palace Garden Blue

Beautifully bold Chinoiserie mural with small birds among elegant bamboo and flowering trees.

Maysong Fresco Maysong Fresco

Chinoiserie mural with colorful birds in a garden of colorful flowers with fresco background effect.

Lavena Lavena

Mural depicting gnarled wood and large birds.
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Derbyshire Derbyshire

Panoramic landscape mural of the English countryside with idyllic scenes.

Paradiso Grisaille Paradiso Grisaille

Panoramic mural depicts tropical landscape in beautiful grisaille (grey) tones.

Floridana Floridana

Colorful panoramic mural depicting tropical landscape.
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Bordeaux Bordeaux

Panoramic landscape mural of the French countryside with idyllic river scenes.

Chanteur White Chanteur White

Modern chinoiserie with monochromatic details on a white background.
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Maysong chinoiserie mural Maysong

Maysong Chinoiserie Mural – Beautiful floral scene with white peonies on blue, hyacinth, or sea mist green background.
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Paradiso Sepia Paradiso Sepia

Panoramic mural depicts tropical landscape in warm sepia.

Chinese Trellis Chinese Trellis

Chinese Trellis is a modern iteration of traditional Chinese bamboo patterns.

Paradise Trellis Paradise Trellis

Paradise Trellis combines a modern iteration of a graceful Chinese bamboo pattern with a group of exotic "birds of paradise".
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Imperial Garden Imperial Garden

Imperial Garden Chinoiserie Mural – Violet mural is a colorful wallpaper with pheasants, bamboo shoots in a flowering forest.
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Quiet Park Quiet Park

Quiet Park combines a classic trellis pattern with exotic parrots in a modern Chinese painting.

Amazonia Mural Amazonia

The Amazonia mural depicts the iconic tropical landscape of the Brazilian Amazon.
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Margaux Margaux

Chinoiserie with brightly colored birds, cherry blossoms and branches descending from above
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Maysong Ivory Maysong Ivory

Chinoiserie mural with large, colorful pheasants in a flowering forest.

Traditional Chinoiserie Wallpaper Emperor's Garden

Chinoiserie mural showcases an ornate Chinese courtyard, with colorful birds, blooming trees and traditional Chinese Imperial architecture.
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Trevarez Antiqued Tropical Chinoiserie Trevarez Antiqued

Chinoiserie mural designed with large, stately palm trees in a tropical forest.

Japanese Art Deco Mural Kimono

Chinoiserie mural inspired by modern Art Deco Japanese design. Flowing branches blow on a gentle breeze while a uniquely stylized river swirls below.

Traditional Chinoiserie Wallpaper Enchanted Garden

Chinoiserie mural charms with colorful birds, colorful blooming trees and tropical plants.

African Cranes Modern Mural African Cranes

Modern inspired Chinoiserie mural with African Cranes in a West-African environment.

India Scenic Mural India

Romantic depiction of classical India filled with elephants, camels, temples and iconic Indian architecture.

Dixie Mural Dixie

Dixie is a printed wallpaper mural depicting idyllic scenes of Lousiana, New Orleans and iconic southern plantations. Cypress trees, steamboats and beautiful gardens cover the landscape.

Carolina Chinoiserie Mural Carolina

Beautifully soft lavender Chinoiserie mural with flying birds and peaceful flowing water.

Virginia Mural Sepia Virginia Mural Sepia

Panoramic mural depicts iconic Virginia landscapes in sepia monotones.

Roses Cream Roses Cream

Chinoiserie mural showcases colorful birds and a variety of rose bushes and trees.

Hedgerow Hedgerow

A modern floral mural depicting lively leaves of a stylized hedgerow.

Trevarez Blue Tropical Chinoiserie Trevarez Blue

Chinoiserie mural designed with large, stately palm trees in a tropical forest.