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These wallcoverings have a total height of approximately, or exactly, 7 feet and are suitable for rooms with a chair rail and ceiling heights of 9 to 10 feet.
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Imperial Garden Mist Imperial Garden Mist

Powder blue chinoiserie mural is a quiet scene with pheasants, bamboo shoots in a flowering forest.

Adriana Diptych Adriana Diptych

Chinoiserie wallpaper diptych depicting flowers and birds in garden with decorative fence.
Alternate Colors

Romanesque Romanesque

Romantic Italianate landscape with classical architectural ruins.

Virginia Mural Virginia Mural

Panoramic mural depicts iconic Virginia landscapes.Available Colors

Chai Wan Royal Chai Wan

Deep Royal blue mural depicting beautiful blooms and large birds.

Maysong chinoiserie mural Maysong

Maysong Chinoiserie Mural – Beautiful floral scene with white peonies on blue, hyacinth, or sea mist green background.
Alternate Colors

Chinese Trellis Chinese Trellis

Chinese Trellis is a modern iteration of traditional Chinese bamboo patterns.

Maysong Paris Orange Maysong Paris

Stunning Chinoiserie making a modern statement with monochromatic large blooms and birds.
Alternate Colors

Venice Venice

This unique mural design depicts an architectural view of Venice's palazzos and merchant homes.
Alternate Colors

Quiet Park Quiet Park

Quiet Park combines a classic trellis pattern with exotic parrots in a modern Chinese painting.

Low Country - Marsh Mural Low Country

Panoramic landscape mural of a romantic sunset over a tropical marsh.

Anastasia Anastasia

Soft floral chinoiserie mural depicting beautiful blooms and large birds.
Alternate Colors

Trevarez Antiqued Tropical Chinoiserie Trevarez Antiqued

Chinoiserie mural designed with large, stately palm trees in a tropical forest.

Bel Aire Chinoiserie Bel Aire

Chinoiserie Mural with deep blue and green backgrounds & birds in colorful flowering trees.
Alternate Colors

Jinan Sand Jinan Sand

Chinoiserie mural with birds and fruit trees.

Grand Haven Watercolor Grand Haven Watercolor

Panoramic mural depicts an idyllic coastline with sailboats and picturesque port town.

Jinan Mist Jinan Mist

Chinoiserie mural with a bright aqua color motif.

Lantilly Peridot Lantilly Peridot

Beautiful chinoiserie on peaceful new growth green background with delicate flowers.

Solitude Lace Solitude Lace

The Solitude Lace is a subtle chinoiserie mural with sparrows, pheasants and soft colored flowering trees.

Tremezzo Mural Tremezzo

Our Tremezzo mural wallpaper features a beautiful Italian landscape with a classical architectural and waterside motif.

Horses Equus

This unique mural design depicts a field of horses in a modern chalk-charcoal art style. Now Available in Silver Metallic!
Available Colors

Rio Tropical Mural Rio

This unique design shows a modern tropical banana leaf design. Now Available in Silver Metallic!

Derbyshire Antiqued Derbyshire Antiqued

Panoramic landscape mural of the English countryside with idyllic scenes in antiqued effect.
Alternate Colors

Grand Haven Grand Haven

Panoramic mural depicts idyllic Virginia coastline with sailboats and picturesque port town.

Rinnan Fresco Rinnan Fresco

Fresco-styled mural depicting fanciful flowers and whimsical birds.

Palace Garden Cream Palace Garden Cream

Beautifully subtle Chinoiserie mural with small birds among elegant bamboo and flowering trees.

Chanteur Jade Chanteur Jade

Jade green chinoiserie mural with spring blossoms and birds.

Palace Garden Beige Palace Garden Beige

Beige chinoiserie mural in subtle colors, large blooms and flying birds.

Palace Garden Bright Beige Palace Garden Bright Beige

Beige chinoiserie mural in pale colors, large blooms and flying birds.

Combray Beige Combray Beige

Chinoiserie of beautifully stylized forest with earth tones, populated with wild deer.