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These wallcoverings are optimally designed for use over a chair rail.
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Carolina Breeze Antiqued Carolina Breeze Antiqued

Chinoiserie with red cardinals, dogwood blooms and branches descending from above.

Adam Hall Adam Hall

Adam Hall is a classic Georgian series of 6 decorative panels. Panels are 72.5" tall with varying widths, with 3" background color border on all sides. Perfect for 9' ceiling with 30" chair rail, or for 10' ceiling with 'Upper Crown' decorative panels.

Quiet Park Quiet Park

Quiet Park combines a classic trellis pattern with exotic parrots in a modern Chinese painting.

Cheridah Cheridah

Chinoiserie Mural with deep aqua background & birds in colorful flowering trees.

Bel Aire Chinoiserie Bel Aire

Chinoiserie Mural with deep blue and green backgrounds & birds in colorful flowering trees.
Alternate Colors

Nanjing Tea Paper Nanjing Tea paper

A textured chinoiserie with warm red and purple colored pheasants and peonies on a taupe grey background.

Collingwood Collingwood

Collingwood Chinoiserie mural – A small blue spring-themed Chinoiserie wallpaper with peony flowers and fantastic birds.

Otley Park Chinoiserie Otley Park

Chinoiserie Mural with aqua-blue background & birds in colorful flowering trees and Chippendale fence motif.

Combray Beige Combray Beige

Chinoiserie of beautifully stylized forest with earth tones, populated with wild deer.

Bonmaison Tan Bonmaison Tan

This unique Chinoiserie design descends with elegant vines and birds.

High Grove Beige High Grove Beige

Mural with colorful birds in a grove of Aspen trees.

Maysong Charcoal Maysong Charcoal Wainscot

A modern twist to chinoiserie with warm beige and cream colored pheasants and peonies on a dark charcoal grey background.

Maysong Mint Triptych Maysong Mint Triptych

Lovely chinoiserie vignette with large white blooms, white herons and colorful pheasants on cool mint background.